THe Fall of Mankind

This gallery includes images and paintings describing the fall of mankind.

The Snake Charmer depicts a shadowed and mysterious figure covered with the "deceiver" in a dark part of the garden. The image appears to be Eve.
The Fall of Man by Hendrik Goltzius shows Adam and Eve laying peacefully in the Garden of Eden. They appear to be in the stages prior to them having eaten the forbidden fruit.
Adam and Eve seem to have just eaten from the forbidden tree. The image shows eve holding what seems to be a bitten piece of fruit in her hand.
The Expulsion from Paradise depicts an angry God forcing Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. The photo shows the two with covered genitals with Adam covering his face in shame.
In this painting, Eve can be seen offering Adam an apple to try. Adam doesn't seem sure yet he reluctantly accepts the apple. The animals by their side seem to be lying in wait.
This image shows a woman (assumed to be Eve) shackled and bound. She is being freed from her shackles which represents freedom and free will.
In this painting, you can see Adam and Eve being escorted out of the Garden by an angel or guardian. The entity appears to be carrying a golden key in his/her hand to lock the gates once they are out.
This paint depicts a peaceful time in the Garden of Eden, perhaps before the creation of man. When animals roamed freely and in harmony with one another.
There is a lot going on in this painting. Each section of the painting shows some kind of dark fate. I imagine that this painting is a representation of what happened to mankind after the fall of Eden
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