Gallery of different types of lines.

I see black plain lines that are vertical and tall. There is one horizontal thicker line at the bottom that is a focus point. I think that these lines are very calm.
In this painting, I can see lines on this mans face that are vertical and are of different darkness and width. The lines are closer so it makes his face appear darker at the bottom maybe a bit dirty.
In these lines, I see pencil lines that are close and very busy. The lines are spiraled and not straight. There are 2 main focus points that the eyes go to first and it swirles outward
In this painting, the lines are curved and can vary in thickness. I think that the lines look very softly painted by Jamini. When I look at this painting I see very calm lines.
I think that the lines in this drawing were created by a pencil. Some lines cross and look darker like hatched lines. The feeling of this varies depending on the part of the drawing (busy at the top).
The lines in this drawing could be created by a sharpie or paint. There is darkness in parts of it that signify depth. The lines are curved and straight horizontal. When I see this, I see excitement.
I think that was created by media because the lines are very clean. The line on this are different thickness and lengths. The lines are also different colors. When I see this, I see locomotion.
The lines in this artwork are the same thickness and they overlap each other. If you look closely, some of them look different textures. I see sharpness and softness in different parts of this.
There are different types of lines in this, made by paint. They are all very thin and delicate. Some lines appear to be very geometrical. I think these lines look very soft.
These lines are in different styles, for example, spiral or curved. Also, they are different thicknesses. I find this painting to be very excited and patterned at the top.
Credits: All media
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