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I chose this piece because I really like the way Bansky can make graffiti art jump out of the wall. Also, a friend that I grew up with loves graffiti art and he show me pictures that he would find from magazines and websites. So not only does this piece have impressive realism, but it also has sentimental value to me as well.
This type of artwork reminds me of art you would see in history books. The same section that has the picture that reads “Uncle Sam Wants You!” It is an exciting picture of boats. When I look at it, I can see the boats moving, the wind blowing, and even hear the sounds of waves crashing against the hulls. Along the bottom reads “Invest in the Victory Liberty Loan” implying that this is also an advertisement. Which also makes me wonder how much the bank paid the artist.
As of right now this is my favorite all time painting. I saw it first a few years back when I took an art history class. I can look at this painting every day and still not get bored. The light and the detail is amazing to me. In the cobblestones you can actually see reflections just as they would appear in real life. To add to my love of this painting, I also love the rain.
I wouldn’t feel like I diversified my gallery if there wasn’t at least one sculpture. The time and detail put into this piece is amazing. Every little fold and curve was thought out and executed. We take for granted how perfectly proportioned sculptures are but it must have been extremely difficult and tedious to master. Even though this is carved out of marble, it has a very soft look to it. The illusion of the sheet covering the woman’s face is very impressive to me.
This still life is so cool to me. It is almost as if everything is just about to fall off the table. But it doesn’t! The way the light reflects off of the vase sucks me into the center of the painting. The colors are all pretty close together so nothing really jumps out at me. It’s a very calm and thought-provoking piece. I am always asking myself why all of this stuff hasn’t fallen off the table yet.
I chose to diversify my gallery with a portrait. I chose this portrait because I like the symmetry of the light used. I start out at the top of the painting with the woman’s eyes and it leads me all the way down to the book, sort of cutting the painting in half. It is very elegant. The second reason I chose this was because there is a stringed instrument in picture. I love music and I think it is also an art form.
Art was greatly influenced by religion. If you are viewing the thumbnail of this retable, then you may never know why they are so amazing. The detailed carvings and craftsmanship that go into these is amazing. Further proving the devoutness of it’s owner. Each section tells a different story of the bible, or has an important saint carved/painted into it.
Art in architecture is almost subliminal for me. I see the curves or sharp edges but I don’t always acknowledge how they make me feel. This pillar and dome seems very decorative to me. I like how rustic it looks and I appreciate the timeframe it was built. I relate how capital buildings today still use pillar and dome structures. I also believe that a sturdy symmetrical building fits right into my gallery.
I have so many questions about this knife! How many animals or people did this come in contact with? What type of ceremonies was this knife used in? I like the decorative features of this knife as well. The blue highlights make me think this was a very important knife, even if it was just for decoration. I feel like someone important would be holding this during the ceremonies. It is also amazing to me that it has lasted this long and looks immaculate.
When I was thinking about what was missing in my gallery I finally came to the conclusion that this was the final piece. Not only is the date impressive but also it makes me realize that art is timeless. This vase has to tell some type of story and I really want to know what it is. The colors are great and I feel like it could also fit in almost any room of my house.
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