Eyes That Have Seen War

This gallery includes of Images of War through out human history. 

In this image you see a solider's gear. Everything they need while in war. As the solider prepares for a battle or just came back form a battle
This not a image of war, but during World War 2 America sent so many men off to war. They had to hire women to work in factories. This is an effect of war
This is an image of dead soldiers in trenches. It shows the horrors of war, that people do die and may never get a proper burial. They just become forgotten during battles.
A image of a battle, while a solider carries a wounded ally. This solider is risking his life to save him. They say that in War the other soldiers around you are like your brothers. Everyone looks out for each other.
This is the aftermath if war. How war can effect not only people but the land they live on. The lasting damage war can have .
An image of a soldier burying dead bodies. Sometime it's enemy soldier or ally soldiers. This is just another representation of the horrors that can happen in war. That war can be very graphic.
This tank is just following through a forest, with bodies all around. I think this shows the death of people and the forest.
This image was taken during the Civil War. You can see President Abraham Lincoln. The Civil War is a very important war in American history
This is an image of a massive battle field. You can see battles in the background dead soldiers and horses. This image is the perfect example of war
A image of a Soldier that is in training. During training the army will try to simulation a battlefield a best as possible. The soldier looks nervous and scared, that war is petrifying
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