Separation of Darkness from within 

This collection of artwork from various artists feature the highs and lows of America's pastime and future . The Darkness and lightness seems to be present in all of the works presented in this collection. This collection features the happiness and lows of the world at the time from around 1700-1900.

This image portrays Franklin with one of his greatest discoveries ever conceived to man (Electricity). Some elements that are clear to me are the contrast between Franklin and his surroundings with the surroudings being dark.
What is shown in this painting is the separation of powers between opposing sides. On one side, is visualized as a brightness that is coming out from within. The lighter side of the painting shows physical emotions being in a "happier" sense with the use of bright colors.
The main subject of the photo is obviously George Washington, the only item largely emphasized on a dark background. Some highlights , however, include the writing utensils on the writing desk of Washington, perhaps suggesting he valued scripture and literature.
The only child appearing "bright" in the painting is the one dressed in smooth and flowing white silky material. The mother of these children is depicted dark, or perhaps not as glorious as her offspring .
Another example of darkness from within occurs in this depiction of an iron worker. The contrast of colors brings out the man himself, and also shows a value of importance on the anvil and fire coming from advancements previous to this time period.
Many angels are present here as the telescope and the books in the background lead the eyes to the foreground character . There is the dark and light variations in this painting as well, highlighting the most important aspects.
The first thing that comes to the eye when observing this portrait is the bold red color of the glorious flowing robe. The city in the far background is shown with hard lines, and Bright color that acts as a light source for the rest of the artist portrayal
"Italian landscape" as the title definitely points out the obvious of the landscape structure of apparently Italy. Te woman is contrasted with her surroundings as glowing with a beam of light at her surroundings.
The self portrait of Samuel Morse shows Samuel in what he believes is his natural state. In this painting, unlike the others previously, shows lots of bright colors with spaces open.
Thomas Jefferson can be claimed as one of the most inspirational people of all time. His glory is represented by the highlights of only the face, or mind, of this man while the rest of the accents are all dark in color.
The beets of the vegetables family are all dark. The rest of the vegetables shown are lighter in color, including the background and foreground on the table.
The watermelon shown in this painting can have the effect on the viewer that it is rotten perhaps. There is another fruit shown i the front, an orange color, much smaller and not sliced open.
The woman shown here is another person who has dark colors on and the face is accented. The hands are also those of the brighter contrast compared to its darksurroundings .
First thing that comes to mind when observing this portrait is the indian feathered head piece . The use of the color red accents the neck of the Native American
Lake George appears to be a popular destination for settling in a small village scenario. The light source is the sun in this depiction as it shows its natural beauty.
Virginia, one the very places to hold an english settlement. The artisit does a great job however harnessing the natural eauty of such a place that was terrorized by settlers nearly 200 years prior to this painting.
A scientific portrayal of these birds and fish are shown here when a osprey collects a Vulgo Weak Fish . There is no other background colors other than the blue used to represent the lake where the fish resides.
The red birds stick out the most, and there is a majority of those compared to the other birds in the picture. Another painting where the background and border tend to lack color.
The sculpture contains lots of flowing details. The hair being long and flowing shows elegance.
The bust of Amerigo VEspucci actually lacks detail. There is just the basic structures present, but no details.
Winter as the title of this work of art exemplifies that the person shown is covering up with some sort of blanket. Subliminal or artist recommended, the message is unclear without the reading of the title and description.
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