The Epic of Gilgamesh, both Enkidu and Gilgamesh showed bravery through their shortcomings as well as their successes.      Euthyphro  shows bravery by standing on his belief that his father should be convicted of murder.    Socrates show bravery by not backing down on what he believes even if it is going to cost him his life.  Crito showed bravery by being their for his friend, even when most people were against Socrates.                                           

Socrates and Euthyphro, the ongoing discussion on what is pious and what is impious. Socrates wants to be Euthyphro student. Socrates wanted to understand how a son could prosecute his own father. Page 25 Socrates mocks Euthyphro for running off on him and he still doesn't know after much talk what pious things are and what aren't. He says if he had learned this that he could escape Meletus' indictment.
The Apology of Socrates, it wasn't so much an apology as it was Socrates standing up for what he believed in, pg 47 "listen, then, to what happened to me, so you may see that fear of death wouldn't lead me to submit to a single person contrary to what's just, not even if I were to perish at once for not submitting."
Crito begs Socrates to allow him to pay for his release from prison. Socrates says until the very end pg 60 5 "find out who among them is wise, and who thinks he is, but isn't. Socrates while he listened to people always came back to he was the wisest.
In Genesis 1-9, Noah was brave in his own right as he had to believe God that he and his family would be saved along with the animals from the flood of 40 days and 40 nights. I picked this picture as this is how I remember the stories being told in school and the projects we would do.
John was brave in that he was to carry out God's will of preaching. He was sent to baptize all, forgive their sins and have them ready for when the end came they would see the kingdom of God. He was beheaded for carry out God's will.
Elizabeth and Mary being approached by the angel Gabriel saying they would both bear child. One at an old age, the other a virgin. They showed bravery by accepting their calling and raising two sons to carry out preaching which was frowned upon. They supported them and they themselves praised God for all he gave them.
Jesus at a young age began preaching. He was questioned all the time however held tight to what he knew was his calling. He was brave in that he was willing to give up his life for his beliefs which brings us back to Socrates. He too lost his life however staying strong to his beliefs and death was worth it.
The 12 disciples showed bravery not only by following Jesus however by carry out all he commanded they to do. They did not know if what he said was true however they were brave in that they carried the task out knowing something bad could happen. Jesus told them 3 times the end was coming and they held fast and stayed. True bravery.
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