Edward Lear and his works

Edward Lear has 410 artworks on google art that is the most I've seen, but out of all those paintings I have chosen only 10 that I think are his best.

A beautiful seen of Jerusalem paint with great detail.
A treacherous mountainy rock and boulder filled path.
A very amazing view of -The Forest of Valdoniello, Corsica-.
A Weasel is a pet that i always wanted that is why i added this picture.
A nice large water basin with an island in the middle.
A very nice picture frame and and even nicer picture.
A good structure for its time of production.
This painting has the perfect amount of details in the trees, rocks, and in the water.
Another dangerous rock filled path just like -The Marble Rocks-.
To me this painting looks like an African village.
Credits: All media
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