Slavery & RAcism

Slavery and Racism shows that the slaveowners and the people who are being racist are creating "The Other", by singling out the slaves or the discriminated race.

This shows the slavery documentaries used to show ownership of the slaves.
This shows anti-slavery documents and talked about the horrors of slavery and how the slaves were punished.
This text implies that the idea of slavery has been a problem since the 1400's
Shows the amount of slaves that one white landowner had and the amount of people that he had forced to work for him. Without giving them freedoms.
“The Greek Slave” was showed after the Civil War. Many were mad that it was a white woman being sold into slavery. most were While male slave owners but were offended by a white woman being sold.
"The Cotton Pickers" shows that these woman are enslaved and forced to work for the landowners. This is not fair for them because they had no chance to do anything else and are stuck doing this job.
Shows the compassion of some of the white people and that not all white people agreed the ownership of other people.
This shows racism because the black man is working and the white man is taunting the black man with citizenship.
This shows how segregated the slaves were from the white land owners
This shows how the castaway slaves were left to fend for themselves and the slaveowners send dogs to get him because he ran away.
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