THe Era Of Reform

A gallery by Kenna Johnson

This piece represents slavery, as Harriet Tubman was key to abolishing slavery. Harriet Tubman was a woman conductor on the Underground Railroad. She helped slaves escape from slavery to freedom with their families. She was an important character in the Era of Reform. As many other reformers, she put others before herself. She has impacted history because of the amount of free blacks today.
This piece is an important accent to this gallery. It represents Dorothea Dix, as it is a portrait of her. Dorothea Dix was a reformer among the Era of Reform who was an activist on behalf of the mentally ill. She saw that some harmless mentally ill people were put in jail with harmful men. She realized that they did not deserve to be treated this way. She came to be the creator of the first generation of mental asylums. She impacted history because it helped people today understand the help that mentally ill people want and need.
This artifact represents women's rights, possibly the most important part of this gallery. It is a painting of Lucretia Mott herself, a woman who changed women's rights along with the help of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Lucretia Mott was an activist for women's rights. She met Elizabeth Cady Stanton at an Anti-Slavery convention in 1840, befriending her and eventually going on to hold one of the most famous historical conventions; The Seneca Falls Convention. This has greatly impacted people today because today, there are now a lot of rights for women making them equal to men.
As it is not another portrait of a person, this artifact still represents an important reform during the Era of Reform. This artifact, a book, represents the change of education for the good. This reform was made by Horace Mann, a man known for his advocacy towards education. Horace Mann was a man who believed that education needed improvements. As well as being an advocate for education, he was also known for serving in the Massachusetts State Legislature. This is important because education has changed for the better today then what it was like back then.
This last artifact represents the Era of Reform as a whole. Little ideas and change add up to a big idea (the Era of Reform), which I think is reflected in this artifact. Reform is important and necessary in history to cause a spark in people's minds about new ideas. If reform didn't exist, things like slavery and women discrimination wouldn't be abolished today, which means there would be no blacks or women in schools today. Reform caused people to think about change and make it happen.
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