Saturation of color.

Though the colors in this piece are set on one general color for the clothing, wall and face. It is heavy on saturation and is more vibrant.
The color is set to a lot of blueish hues and you can perfectly make out the man falling into the water. It is so beautiful you feel as if you are seeing this happen.
I choose this piece due to the fade of the blue colors towards the bottom of the painting. Most of the color is towards the head.
For this piece I like the contrast between the two ladies the one on the left has a darker take on her and the lady on the right is a lot brighter.
The dancer in this piece has very little color but due to the wall and it's blue color she seems to kind of pop out.
Now this vase is just visually stunning the color itself has a cool blue and the dark grey of the woman pops out. The detail is astounding.
Now the colors in this piece aren't very vibrant but you get a feel for the epic and enormous waves.
I like how the artist took warm colors and cool colors and infused them neatly without averting the eyes away towards the center to much that you don't get to see the jumping fish. The detail is also amazing.
The only solid color we get from this piece is the red of the sun but the blurry clouds give of a very great misty feeling.
Another beautiful Japanese piece that subtly de saturates on the edges of the painting.
Dark values on the rocks compliant the light blueish hue of the water then you get the mist effect in the center. I love the contrast from light to dark on this piece.
Now in this piece the desaturation of the plants gives off a amazing value and captures Japanese traditional art beautifully.
The almost aqua blue give a liquid feeling to this piece. The red also mixes up the emotion.
You can get a good look at the animal in the mist and due to the desaturation of color around the center of the painting. It creates a sort of illusion.
Now to one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings. I love the saturation of colors and the movement your eyes make while looking at this piece. From his beard to his left eye theres a distinct shadow that show depth.
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