Shape and abstract art

This art gallery is about artists that have described or drawn things in shapes or random objects that together look or describe things.

This painting is lots of shaped put together in different colours.
Abstraction 1950 Ralph Balson This painting is squares and rectangles anyway shaped to look a face of something.
Abstract painting 1952 Grace Crowley This painting is just shaped overlaping and whatever you see it to be.
This sculpture is shapes and designs put together to be anything it looks to be
This painting is lots of hooks some just floating there and some just hanging on each other or other things.
This painting is all these different type of shapes and pictures put together to create a violin and guitar. The violin and guitar are al different colours and shapes.
This painting is random shapes and shades close together and some over laping.
This is also random shapes,shades an other things. to me it looks like a satelite.
This painting is black, white, brown and lilac quadrilaterals together.
This painting has all diferent colours some mixed together, it also has all different shapes. To me this looks like a long bulky tunnel
This painting is different shades of red and black shaped in different things and shapes
This random coulage was made from things like saws, nailed on a board together.You can also see that all the saws are rusted.
This painting s probably named untitled because it might have different views to everyone. This painting is a random lined painting.
This painting is just a lines. It is anything anyone wants it to be which make it much more than lines. Anyway who really knows what it is supposed to be?
This sculpture has been made to be anything you like it to be. It has lots of criss cross and overlaping metal.
This painting is very intresting and makes me think alot about whats in it and what the artist had in mind when this was made
This is abstract shapes but this time it isnt only just shapes its numbers and other random things to.
This abstract art has maths signs and maths things in it along with numbers and the word "any".
This artwork looks to me like a birds eye view of a table and other shapes and lines.
This looks like a very wierd room to me and it looks like it has half a carpet in it.
This is another random peice of artwork. With these artworks everyone has a different perspective. Nobody noes what the artist(s) intended it to be.
This is another exapmple of abstract art going together to look like something. It looks like a diving board to me.
This is very intresting because the title is city landscape and it could be a very wierd city landscape, a copy of a city landscape in life or it could be a reflection of a city in the water.
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