The texture is defined by the sharp cut edges as well as the amount of gaps and edges. It infers roughness
Texture is shown by the crinkles of her outfit, the towel and sheet behind her, and the sharp sleek teapot. It juxtaposes her soft elegant skin due to lack of texture and sharpness. The surrounding objects appear to stand out more because of it.
This picture depicts texture well as you observe the crinkles of her dress and the waves in her hair. The shadow gives her 3 dimensional figure as well as her arms nearly overlapping.
The spots of light shows the 3D and glare of the object as well as the clean, sleek texture.
This artwork's purpose is likely to promote the dress as the texture is clear, crinkles to show the realistic depiction and the secondary color purple stands out well
The grass and weeds have texture in this marsh as it is depicted in different directions to show flexibility although it is stick like
The light glare against the left side of the vase shows a glossy, sleek texture. 
The wrinkles in the elephant's skin show a tough texture to the sculpture, depicting a real elephant's skin very well. 
There are two maybe three different textures that give this sculpture life. The sleek slender body of the faun and child are different to the smooth yet not as glossy texture of the tree nor animal
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