7th Grade research (Julian alden weir)

Julian Alden Weir was born August 30th, 1852 in West Point, New York. Julian was exposed to art at a very young age. His father, Robert Walter Weir, was a professor for drawing at West Point Academy in New York. Once Weir was 18 years old he traveled to Paris where he would get his first professional art training and encountered impressionism for the first time. This is the type of artwork Weir became famous for. Shockingly, his original reaction to the art type was not positive. While writing a letter to his parents Weir said, “I never in my life saw more horrible things...They do not observe drawing nor form but give you an impression of what they call nature. It was worse than the Chamber of Horrors.” After 21 years, Weir became fascinated with the art form and adopted it as his own. One of his artworks that really interested me was his work titled “Knitting For Soldiers”, an oil painting Julian made when he was roughly 66 years old in the year 1918. Weir died one year after this painting on December 8th, 1919 in his home turf, New York. What really intrigued me about this painting was his attention to detail and how precise all of his work was. What I also found interesting about this painting was that it was one of his last pieces of work that Weir made. Julian Alden Weir was an incredibly talented painter and will always be remembered through his work that is displayed around the states still to this day.

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