Impressionism is the style of a painting that has to do with the brush strokes, light, and color.

This painting is very unique looking with it's style. The brush strokes are thought through and I am amazed at how the ground looks.
I choose this because of how the water blends and how older looking this looks. It makes you want to be there at that exact location looking at the mountain and water.
The little sparkles on the dress looks amazing. The layers on the skirt shows you how these paintings were unique to other paintings and how talented these artists were with the brush strokes.
This painting makes you want to be enjoying the springtime also. I am amazed at how the shadows, lights, and colors go so well together on this painting. The grass and dress have great brush strokes.
This picture is very cool to me and we saw this in the live session. He made multiple pictures of this showing different day times. This one was my favorite with all of the colors he choose.
Credits: All media
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