Warmth and energy:   Orange Hues

According to color psychology, the color orange represents warmth, energy, excitement, and jovial feelings. For me, the color orange creates feeling of motivation and revival through the energy it emotes.

In this painting, the color orange is very powerful and makes up the majority of the painting; however, to me it has a lot of movement and makes me feel motivated.
"The Scream" is one of my favorite expressionism pieces, that really evokes a lot of movement throughout the paint. I think the color orange is used in the horizon in a way that shows the movement of the sun (rising/setting) and great energy in the contrast it adds.
In this painting, the color orange creates a great emphasis where it is used. When I look at it, this art piece provokes a lot of energy.
The orange dress this woman is wearing, as well as her positioning, makes her seem like she is moving or dancing. I love the energy and sassiness she brings to the painting.
In this painting the orange flower petals contrast so much with the rest of the painting that they stand out as the focal point. This bring life and brightness into this painting which brings a lot of energy out in the flowers themselves.
I chose this glass piece because the hue of it is very striking compared to the rest of the elements in the photo. Although the glass is stationary, I think the color creates visual movement, like I can almost imagine and see the glass being stretched.
I chose this painting for the color, because it is very loud compared to the rest of the piece. Furthermore, and most importantly, I chose this painting because of its name. 'Moon Dreaming' tells a story to me, like how when the moon dreams it wishes it was as alive and vibrant as the sun. I really enjoy the imagery in the artwork.
I love the way the color orange is used in this painting as if it is the color of adventure or motivation as the ship sails away on a new adventure.
I liked this painting for my gallery because the warm colors in it create the feeling of movement and excitement, which makes a lot of sense for this piece because workers move and give off a lot of energy.
This vases coloring symbolizes the start of a new day, where the sky is a faint blue and contrasts with the sun's bright early morning orange. It gives the dragonflies movement, warmth, and liveliness.
I love this iron work statue because it has great movement and direction; furthermore, the color makes it very visually striking and provokes excitement in me.
The setting/rising of the sun has always been one of my favorite sites to see. This painting is very calming and comforting to me, and reminds me of winding down after a long, productive day.
I likes this photograph of oranges because even though it is very simple, the fresh, bright color really makes this fruit almost come alive and seems very juicy.
This painting has great contrast, and the orange is very powerful among the black forms and the green of the graffiti art.
The colors of fall have always been my favorite time of the year, because it reminds of crisp autumn days, fresh air, and being able to warm up with a cub of soup or a good scarf. I chose this painting because it evokes that memory of warmth and comfort.
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