Mythology in art By Shawn Lewis

This gallery has art from many cultures from all over the world. The art its self comes from many different time periods and as such the styles vary from statues and wood blocks to graffiti. Each work of art in this gallery portrays a story, god or mythological creature from various places.

This piece portrays Princess Takiyasha summoning a skeleton to attack. I chose this piece in particular because of all the colors involved. The white of the skeleton against the black back ground makes it stand out among the vibrant colors of the painting as a whole.
This work portrays Sisano'o no Mikoto facing a dragon within a body of water. I added this piece to my gallery because of two reasons. The first being the contrast of the dragon in the water. It is just subtle enough to be missed if you dont know it is already there. The second reason is the color of the character, the whites and blues make the character pop out from the dull greens and greys of the rest of the work.
This painting portrays Tavana fighting Hanuman. I chose this because of its use of color. The creatures of the painting stand out from the blue sky and brown dirt. It is also unusual to see creatures with blue and skin.
This work portrays a man fighting Orges. I chose this one because of its use of space. The whole surface is used with almost no space uncovered. This gives the painting the look of action and movement, like the artist captured a single moment in time during the battle and that it could continue at any moment.
This painting portrays the Aztec belief that all life comes from one source, that of the Jaguar. The river coming from the jaguars mouth flows from one side of the image to the other giving the illusion of movement and the colors go well together, complementing each other and allowing the viewer to look at the painting without being visually over whelmed while not being bored with the image its self.
This image portrays a Aztec god underwater. This mural has great color and has a wide varity of blues ranging from the blue of the sea floor to the blue of the waters surface. Space is also a very apparant in this immage due to it apearing the god is almost comeing out of the art.
This painting shows a rather unusual view on Death. The Death in this image has old and decayed skin which gives it a appearance of texture. The women looking up a death all have vibrant colored clothing which contrast not only the dead brown color of Death but the dull yellow of the man dead at Deaths feet.
This statue of Zeus is a great example of the kind of care and detail that is put into religious works of art. The statue has detail in every aspect from the robe worn by Zeus to the texture of his hair. Granted most of the left half of the statue has been lost to time but one only has to look at the other half to see how this work would have been in its glory days.
Credits: All media
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