Renaissance Perspective

Naples-Italian Napoli. A seaport in SW Italy Royal Chapel-is a chapel associated with a monarch, a royal court, or located in a royal palace. Granada-a medieval kingdom along the mediterranean coast of S Spain Burgos-A city in N Spain
Greco-Roman-of or having both greek and roman characteristics. Florence-A city in central Italy, on the Arno River. Fra Carnevale-an italian painter of the Quattrocento, active mainly in Urbino. Tempera-a water painting in which the egg-water or egg-oil emulsion is used as a binder
I know all the terms in the description.
Siena-a city in Tuscany, in central Italy, S of Florence. Pulpit-A platform or raised structure from which the sermon is given from. Vecchietta- real name is Francesco di Giorgio di Lorenzo. Franciscan Friar-the obsevants of the church, look like monks.
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Arras-is the capital of the Pas-de-Calais department. Bapaume-A farming town south-east of Arras. Nevinson-a british figure and and landscape painter. Italian Futurism-an avant-garde movement founded in Milan.
Bruges-a city in NW Belgium. Van Eyck-Flemish painter and founder of the Flemish painting school.
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