The theme I have chosen to create my exhibition on is horses. The reason I have chosen this theme is because I feel that I have a very strong connection and love of horses so I chose to do this theme. I also chose this theme because I thought I would really enjoy trying the find artworks that relate to the theme of horses. Choosing this theme and finding images to this theme means a lot to me because I have grown-up being around horses. But then again the theme of the exhibition of horses shows a varied range of different pictures of horse for example there are paintings of horse at war and also very simple painting of horses in stables and lots more great painting of the theme horses thought out the exhibition. This exhibition also gives a wide look of what horse are and why or what they were used for. The two paintings I have chosen to use to show how they relate to my theme are Portrait group (1908) by George W.  And Mares and foals, facing left (between 1790 and 1800) by Sawrey Gilpin.  The first painting Portrait group is a charming painting of a family sitting around the little brown horse with the little boy on top of the family horse. This painting fits in great with the theme because its shows that horse are not only used for war or work they can be used to bring happiness to families. The second painting mares and foals, facing left in a pretty painting of two mares and their foals doing what horse do best in the wild. In the painting its shows one of the foals feeding from its mother this can show the connection between the two of them like mother like draughter. This painting fits well with the theme because it is showing the differences to a horse with a family to horse being in the wild. 

The painting blue horse is also a very colourful and bright and also very fun artwork to look at. The painting shows a blue horse placed in the middle of the page and is standing in a very happy looking way. The colours in the background makes the artwork look very bright and playful because of these colours your eyes are drawn straight to this artwork when it’s in with all the other. The blue horse could also mean a lot of things because of the colour. But the blue in this painting makes me think of it being a happy colour and not a sad one because of all the other colour in the background. But I also think that because of the heading of the artwork blue horse could mean that the horse is down and not very happy and doesn’t really care about anything but being sad. There are two different pink in this artwork there is a lighter pick and a darker one I think that these pinks could mean that the horse is looking for a mating patter or is looking for his or her patter because the pink colour symbolise love and two me that’s what the colour pink means in this artwork. The yellow be hide the horse could mean happiness, enjoyment, This could mean even though the horse is upset and sad that it still has a little bit of hope and chance left to carry on with whatever he is doing and it could also mean that he is not going to give up and that he still has a little bit of hope left somewhere inside him. The purple also in the background could show that the horse still has a relaxed and chilled side to him and that could also mean that he is just walking around trying to be relaxed or be relaxed.
The artwork Regimental band is a very bright and colourful painting that shows a man sitting on top of a horse looking very happy. The man on the horse is holding something in his hand that seems to look like a trumpet and you can see by the lines that are coming from the trumpet shows that he appears to be bowling on it. The Man also seem to be wearing a dark green uniform that looks like he is from the army. In the background of the painting I can see two red flowers that look like to be the poppy’s that are one of the symbols used to symbolise war. The colours used in the background of the painting are yellow, purple are red including the poppies. The yellow sky could mean many different things such as the man being cheerful, happy enjoying himself, yellow can also mean that the man is in high spirts because he has come back from war and he survived and he gets to go back home to his family. The colour purple in this artwork could have the meaning of a lot of things just like the colour yellow but what I think its means in this artwork is that the man on the horse could be very laid back and clam because he knows that he doesn’t have to worry about the war for now. The red poppies in the sky are very important in this artwork because this flower is a special significance for Australians and is worn every remembrance day. The pink ground under the man and the horse could also have many different meanings just like the other colours. I personally think that the colour pink in this artwork could mean the love he has for his family and that he can’t wait to go home and be safe and sound with his family after being and a hard and long war.
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