This gallery is full of simple landscapes and some seascapes.

In this picture I like the low trees and a nice, old town.
This is nice and shady in one area and has flat fields in the background which I like.
This landscape has a nice country feel to it which I like.
This has a comforting, simple feild and a detailed hill with a small river that i really like.
I think this landscape is nice because the sky has a nice place in the picture.
This has many hills and a nice lake that I think is nice.
This has nice red on the creek edges and the feilds remind me of a simple desert.
This has a flat wetland which i think is nice to go with the trees.
i like the hills in the background to go with the reeds and the puddles.
i like the tall trees to go with the wheat fields with the windy road.
I really like the old windmill and the river with reeds.
I like the huge hills across the lake with the small the boat.
I like the waves crashing into the rocks and the small boats in sea.
This has great lights in the skyand really suits the lake.
This has a really nice valley with short trees.
I like the few sheep and the purple sky with nice trees.
This has a nice windy stream with trees that droop over the river.
This is nice and simple with some hills in the background and the sky has a nice portion of the picture.
I think the white road in the little dip in the land looks really good, the white road stands out really well.
I really like the old white fence and how it looks down on the land.
I really like the windy river and the brown trees and the sloping hill.
This has an old feature to it that I like and the old boat is really good.
I like all the different boats and the buildins on the side, I think they go well together.
I really like the hill going the side and the tower beyond the fields.
I like it how the sky takes a big portion of the painting and this also is very simple. It is a very nice seascape.
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