over the years

I choose to show how life starts and ends while another is in the making. How the cycle of life is the same for everyone from the time of birth to the time of death.

I choose this art to represent the start of life on earth. I love the simplicity to it for it show the main purpose the beganning of life.
As you grow you depend on your family for all your basic needs and wants. Your parents are the main source of your survial and health. I chose this art because it has light lines like and mother light touch it helps to heal all.
I chose this art because it shows that children can play and be happy anywere. The lack of detail in the faces repsents kids all over the world.
Early adulthood is what this art repersents to me. Now the time has come for this young man to be welcomed to the real world. The seriousness in his face shows this.
Moving away from home for the first time. I chose this art because it shows the differents from place to place. Has great use of colors and blending between the three different pitures.
The change from young man to aulthood with the wedding and beganing of a new family. I love the use of the white as if it is showing key people in the art.
hard labor to support the new family and its members. It takes a family as a whole to make sure the house and things are taking care of.
A mothers love is unconditional regaurdless of what you do or have done. I chose this because it shows great detail with the shadowing .
As you age your kids grow to fast and hurry off and get married and start their new lifes. Love the modern time in this art.
The sadness of the grandparents as they look at their grand children and all they have are memories of when the kids were young. Love the focus on the people and no background art.
Love the sutleness of this picture. It shows the family reuion of multiple genarations of a family.
At the end everyone what to have their sould and last days or hours comfortable and pain free. I love the detail in the lines ofthe bed frame.
I chose this one because it shows how everyone that loses someone always looks up and asks GOd Why did you have to take them from me.
I chose this art because it repersent the coming of death. The hovering between this world and the next. This is something that we all share at the end of our lives. Love the line it is as if it shows that it is coming from heaven.
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