Abi Fordeck


The geometric shapes in this work of art show a certain variety. There are many different elements that work together to give us variety.
There is a certain symmetrical alignment between the bulls in this piece of art. You can see that they aren't exactly symmetrical or asymmetrical. This shows us a different kind of balance.
In this image we can find similarities between both colors of the clay and the way the clay contrasts. This will show us harmony despite things being different.
This piece of art shows us rhythm because we are given the illusion of the diamonds moving. The pattern is all an illusion.
In this piece of art your eyes are drawn to the dragon which seems to be moving. This is a visual motion that isn't really moving.
In this piece of art we see black and white sumo wrestlers fighting. The splash of red adds emphasis and draws our eyes to it.
In this image we can see the pattern through the flower and this is a repeating element.
This piece of art is very proportional. There are similar characteristics between both ends of this object and it is very proportional.
This image has lines of writing on it and this gives us something to follow.
The colors in this image are different reflections. We can see different colors in play from the vase that stand out.
This image shows us many different neutral shades. We can see a darker black that will ultimately fade to white. This will give us value.
This piece of art shows many different textures. We can see how it looks like it will feel. This will give us texture.
In this image we are given 3-dimensional objects that are in free form. This arrangement of objects will show us form.
This image is filled with simple geometric shapes that are 2-dimensional. It gives us the element of shape.
In this image we see the flowers and there is space around them. This will give us positive space.
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