Does It matter?

Briana H. Period: 8

Existentialism:Displaying a community all together rough-housing with each other. The people are not caring about order in society, they are just living life with no worries. They're careless.
Absurdism: Displays that this is what the end looks like. Life and Society will eventually result in this manner. "What is the point of life when this is what our fate will look like?" is the question. >There's Destruction, >no civilians, >just nothing but a dead, broken town.
Nihilism: There's dark ends of the trail, only two people are in the large field. It shows me that there is nothing or no one to go to because they are in the middle of nowhere.
Optimism: Light will come through the darkness. There's nothing but blackness and black shadows in the painting. But in the back of the painting, you see the moon bringing light to something dull. Having something beautiful to look forward to.
Credits: All media
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