Feeling Sound

Music is something all of us enjoy. I find that sound travels through not only speakers but through images as well. When I see a photo or painting I tend to make it a moving picture. This could include dialogue or actual music playing in my head. The image lays down the foundation but my mind makes the rest happen. – Osvaldo J. Fregoso

I always found that street art works extremely well with music. Though graffiti art may not tell a full story it still is a spectacle to view. No matter where you start movement helps guide your eyes.
This artwork is a prime example of when I mentioned about my mind putting music in my head. The piece is representing a dance and though their bodies are still movement is a big key to this piece.
The artwork shows three people drawn using lines and designs. The way it is drawn the painting really sticks out and looks like it would feel rough touching it.
Texture works really well in this painting as well. Using shadows and darker colors at the bottom really helps bring certain aspects of this painting front in center.
Whenever I look at these kinds of vase's I remember watching Hercules as a kid. Another prime example of a moving picture. The way the photo is shot makes your eyes spin around the vase clockwise.
An old man with glasses is the focal point in this art piece, but to me it also represent sort of a tidal wave. The colors used as well as the movement I feel is what makes me think that.
This piece looks like it is from a japanese parade. I've always seen them in cartoons or movies but actually seeing this helps me really see what kind of art they are. Movement is key here.
When I see this the first thing I think of is how it could get up and walk around. It looks like the jagged edges would be sharp and the way the entire piece moves my eyes is really extraordinary.
This is a photo I could imagine seeing in a rap music video. I chose this one because as I looked at it, I already had a song in my head.
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