the art elements

There are many lines in this piece, strait curvy etc. The lines are easy to see like in the hair are the more strait ones.
This is a good shape art piece because its only 2d.It is also defined by line.
This is a good example of form art because its easy to see the depth. Some of the rocks and shadow give it the depth.
This is an example of space art. you can see the brighter color in the human shape and the darker color in the background.
This is a example of value, you can see the different shades of color like white and the darker red color.
This is my example of texture art. You can almost feel the smoothness of the rocks and their sharp edges.
This is my example of color art. i felt this peice used lots of different shades of color, also if you look closely you can see where the light was shining more brightly.
Credits: All media
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