Hallucinogen Dreams

When the terms "hallucinogen" and "dream" come together, what are the resulting thoughts? Is it sunshine and rainbows? Or is it the macabre? These surreal works show the peculiarities in one's mind. 

This work easily seems to personify the term of "getting hot and bothered", with the headless woman lounging nude, and where her head would be aflame.
Yellow roses are indicative of friendship, and the woman's mouth in the background, her lips pursed, seem to add an air of disdain, as if the gift were not enough, thus placing the flowers in funnels.
Not only does this work lend an air of disturbed curiosity, but it also may portray the confusing thoughts and sensations of growing into adulthood, creating these odd bodily forms.
This work shows the inner laments of Lettl, and how though he may strive, he is left empty after the trauma of wartime, thus creating the bleak, headless rooster trapped.
This work shows the descent of the rooster into a peaceful field. It sparks the thought that despite death and toils, that there may always be a brighter outcome than what is shown on the surface.
This picture shows the post- World War II era, with the pained face of the rooster alluding to the apprehension of the coming years.
This work shows a rooster erupting from atop a mountain in a volcanic show of sorts. It helps to portray a dictator forcing his ideals upon the innocent in an explosive manner.
This work shows a face with many legs traversing in a similar direction. It seems to represent the many changes in the post-war time period.
Credits: All media
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