Vikings Gods

This gallery includes representations of the Norse god & goddess in painting, sculpture, and other mediums.

Thor the god of thunder showing off his mighty power with lighting bolts depicted in the art work. You can tell the color gold is being use as a godly color of power of strength. Defeating his enemy just like the legends said.
Norse gods battling wolf and snake. Thor and Loki ready for battle with an army that got their back. The texture for this artwork is creative and epic.
This Loki statue shows you how creepy and evil this Norse god is. All the small details that went into piece like his robes,hand gesture, and his face and eye emotion. I feel like he is trying to grab someone attention.
Thor's hammer is one of the most icon weapon in Norse mythology. The hammer that can only be picked up by the chosen one. Thor resting on his hammer shows that his think and relaxing about his battles.
In this painting the Norse goddess Freyja has a necklace. Thats called Brisingamen which means Jewelry of Fire. In folklore the god Loki took the necklace. Freja ask Heimdall, the guardian of Bifrost for help. Loki lose his fight to Heimdall and gave the necklace back. The colors are so rich in this painting.
This tri picture tells a story within the picture. The young female traveling and to the lake while the old man follows. Looking at the picture makes me think what is going on and what the young female is thinking.
This painting has great water colors. A man who's thinking about his thoughts by the river. His emotion gives this artwork life. The sunset is a great touch to the painting.
In Norse folklore this snake goes around the earth during one of the wars that Norse gods had to fight. The line work on this painting is amazing making the water so real.
Dancing Fairies has a mix of dark and light colors that give this painting such a mystical vibe. The light, lake, and the foggy makes the painting. I wish I can see this painting in person and be drop in it world.
This Norse statue shows a lot about the mythical religion . The detail in the stone like the robes, hand sign, and staff. It reminds me of the buddha statue.
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