Hanna's Ceramic Pictures 

I like this artwork because it stays unique, even if it is simple. I like the ombré in this pot.
I like this piece of art because of the details. If you zoom in, you can really see the components in the flowers and branches.
I like this piece of art because on the lamp that is used for reading, there is a women reading. It shows the use of the object.
What interests me in this artwork is not the plate itself, even though it is beautiful, but the drawing on the object. I like how when you look at it, you can just make up your own story.
What I like, in these objects, is how 5 cups are white and blue all glittery, and then in the middle of the artwork, a plate with completely different colors and patterns.
When I first saw this artwork, I asked myself: "What is it for?". Then I saw the title that says it is to support sago. I like this artwork because it makes people wonder.
The reason I like this piece fo art is because of its meaning. To me, it shows the struggle of a parent with 3 immature kids.
What I like in this artwork is the imprecision, but also the difference between the color on the outside, and the color on the inside.
The doubt of if it is a cat or a dog is very interesting in this piece of art. I also like how there is only one color.
What I like in this artwork is the precision feet. Every single detail is included. I also like the lack of color.
Credits: All media
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