The effects of blue

One of Van Gogh Famous paintings, the use of blue being used here gives me a dream like sense, feeling like this painting shows me a world that isn't seen by normal people.
The blue used here almost partners up with the screen, giving a sense of mystery as the trees covers up most of the house, as the blue sky hangs over the house.
The blue used in this painting gives me a sense of hope, seeing that a bull is caring someone to safety while dolphins guide the way.
The blue used here seems almost inconsistent, giving me a feeling of confusion and not sure if something like this is a dream, or its some form of exotic view of an olive tree.
The blue used in this image almost looks like a picture that was taken underwater, the other colors giving off a sense of underwater life, and the careful strokes used to create the illusion of water.
The blue used here almost reminds me of the docks in Miami, with an overcast, giving the feeling of an impending storm.
The amount of blue used here is almost masked by the other darker colors, but is still represented in the night sky, giving me an appreciation for the stars.
This image gives me a calm feeling, using the blue to almost make you feel like your in the open sea with nothing to bother you.
The use of blue here gives me a sense of being small, seeing as the image here is a giant wave.
The color blue in this image gives me a feeling that the character is holding on to the object, pondering on something, almost making me think about what he is thinking of.
The use of blue here gives me a feeling that I'm in a grove of some sort, surrounded by fruits and a vegetation.
The use of the color blue in this piece gives it a calming late night effect, almost tiring just by looking at it.
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