Atmospheric Landscapes

This art gallery mostly focuses on landscapes that have atmospheric (or aerial perspective). Witch has far reaching skies and mountains. Some share the same basic properties. Some have calmer scenes others have more intense atmospheres with backgrounds (or foregrounds) that gives hope for calmer times.Hopefully you all enjoy these landscapes that i picked out.

Lake Winnepsaukee is located in New Hampshire. The name Winnepsaukee means "Smile of the great spirit". This painting shows the vast views the lake has with mountains and forest surrounding the lake.
This piece of art shows the beautiful sunset over a landscape that is going from a mountainous region to a flatter plateau. The mountains seems close but are actually far away with lush forest.
This piece of art shows us ranchers herding cattle to a river in a mountainous country. I love the sense of Atmosphere in this picture. It give me a sense of calm and peacefulness.
This piece of the Hudson River show a forest and mountains surrounding the river. It seems like the trees are starting to go threw the process of fall. except for the trees on the mountain.
This work of art makes it look like theirs a horrible storm and raging waters. In the distance however there is hope for calmer seas.
The calm smooth lake seems so perfectly still that even a slight movement with disrupt the perfectness.Also the atmospheric background is almost as perfect as the foreground.
This piece show a forest separated by a river. On one side a forest virtually untouched by man. On the other side it has been ravaged but woodsmen.
Even though this picture doesn't have atmospheric perspective what it does have is one point perspective. angled right at the door that seems to lead to a garden.
This is a older piece of Japanese art that shows an early example of atmospheric perspective. The tall mountains in the background seems to be covered in fog and masking the sea beneath them.
This landscape also shows a unique scene with atmospheric perspective with clouds in the background that seems to imply that the ground gives way and is at a lower altitude
Credits: All media
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