S Ray 7C

I chose this artwork as one of my favorites because even though this picture is probably over 200 years old, it really looks like a waterfall I've visited recently. There were rocks going down the middle of the fall with water streaming down the sides, and we climbed over those rocks while enjoying the flow of the water near our feet. It was an incredible experience and since this artwork looks so familiar, I feel like I'm reliving the moment once again!
I like this picture because of many reasons. One being, the colours really match well together. For example, the water's light blue and the light green used for the land around go well together. Also, I really enjoy the scenery of the old houses and boats in the picture. It shows how the country looked like back in the time it was painted.
I chose this picture because I think this is a very unique type of artwork! It was a clever idea to drawn the Himalayan Mountains especially because of the angle the artist used to draw it in!
I like this stencil made on the ceiling by the Australians a long time back, because I have never seen such artwork before! First of all, it looks very interesting! Nowadays, theses types of artworks are made on paper with paint. However, this was made so many years back and on the ceiling! I really wonder how this was made...
Last but not least, I like this picture because of many reasons. First of all, this is a splatter artwork and it already looks very cool for me! Also, this picture shows all three elements of Earth, sky, water and land! The colours make the whole picture look very colourful and that also makes the whole picture look amazing!
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