Color Schemes


The primary color scheme of this piece gives the pieces a very simple, yet very regal appearance. This, combined with the simple shapes gives this piece a very formal atmosphere.
The secondary color scheme of this piece gives the piece a more proud and uplifting atmosphere, contrasting the sorrowful look on the man's face. The orange background contrasts greatly with the color of the man as a whole in the foreground.
The complimentary colors of this piece make the piece of cloth seem very balanced, and give it an all out satisfying atmosphere.
The monochromatic color scheme of this mixed media piece gives this blaring red image a full atmosphere, as if every inch was full of the color and it's tints and shades, almost as if the piece itself was complete.
The black and white color scheme, created using black ink on white paper, makes this piece feel very simple, yet, although many small details were added, the simple color scheme makes this piece feel almost incomplete.
The analogous color scheme of this painting which includes the colors red, orange, yellow, and green, gives this painting an almost overwhelming atmosphere, yet, it gives the painting depth.
The cool color scheme of this painting gives this piece a very smooth effect as well as a chilling, yet formal atmosphere.
The warm colors used to create this piece gives this painting a very full and almost rich look. They make the woman in the middle appear very lively, even though her countenance is calm.
Credits: All media
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