The Hidden Realm - ROBERT PAGAN

This gallery highlights the use of viewer perspective on multiple mediums. Many historic houses of worship utilized techniques such as linear perspective to enhance the appearance of the space around them. It gives the viewer perspective and the sense of realism within the piece. 

This picture of of the world renown Sixtine Chapel is a massive example of how spacial perspective can change throughout the area. It all depends on the viewers point of reference.
In the arch behind the focus of the image, we see a dip into the wall that gives a distinct perspective of depth. This method is used to influence the idea that the image is three dimensional.
As in the previous piece, we see that the perception of depth is manipulated in the piece to influence the idea of three dimensional space. It allows the focus of the piece to stand out prominently.
In this depiction of the Pantheon, we observe a large dome structure above the people. This was common practice in actual chapels to induce the idea of larger spaces through the use of illusions.
In this piece, we can see how popular the idea of using linear perspective was during the era. The use of pillars in this piece shows the popularity of keeping an image balanced through parallel lines
This example of vanishing point use is shown clearly by how the structure in the background stretches into deeper depths. It gives the viewer perspective and a sense of presence in the scene.
This depiction of a ceiling in a chapel was common for the era. Given a point of reference where a viewer stands, this image would come into full focus and provide the illusion of a heavenly ceiling.
In this piece, we see a slight use of vanishing point theory where the hallway narrows out behind our focus. This is also a method used for reinforcing three dimensional views.
In this dramatic image of the crucifixion, we see the use of depth to provide a sense of space throughout the image. This gives the viewer spatial perspective and gives the images a lot more substance
This piece utilizes the vanishing point to show the magnitude of the sea. This gives the viewer perspective and an idea of the three dimensional space. This use of spacial perspective is well balanced
Credits: All media
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