Gallery of Lines: Nathaniel Gamble

There are straight lines to emphasize an emotion of layers of darkness. The curved line in the middle shows the sunset and a feeling of light
There are lines to show the background of the event that is happening on the left. The lines on the statue shows old features.
The darker and thicker lines on the ghost thing show power and authority over his victim. The lines behind him that are slightly lighter and thinner shows its his territory
The random lines and close up shows confusion. The lines also show confusion because of the asymmetry.
The lines in between clumps of water show it rushing up against the cliff in a very calm, relaxing mood. The light, thin colored lines at the top show the sunlight shooting at the sky
The lines in this painting are straight up in the middle to show the sun going down for a happy mood. The lines curved at the top show the sky at the top as all of the light from the sun go down
The curved lines show weakness of the clouds as the light breaks through. The curved lines behind that shows light behind the clouds.
The thick lines show the cracks and oldness of the city. The darker lines show contrast off dark and light.
The thin lines show that the artifact is not old and that there aren't that many noticeable tears.The thick lines around the text shows emphasize on the text
The curved lines shows rush and chaos and the darker thicker lines of the clouds shows hopelessness
The curved lines on the roses it has like a love and move on feeling. The fact the it has no eyes gives it a mystery felling at the same time.
The Curved and swirly lines shows confusion and the straight lines through the back shows a mood of journey.
The lines on this artifact shows design. the curved lines on the handle is apart of the structure
Credits: All media
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