Musicians: Two artforms at once

Musicians have long held a revered spot as artists' subjects. This collection shows the respect and praise shown to musicians through the level of detail and beauty in these works of art.

The amount of artistry & attention to detail in a single sheet of music is astounding in this example. The care & level of skill applied to this piece is beautiful, and speaks greatly for its artist.
A forlorn woman holds a book of sheet music. The intricacy of her dress and surroundings speaks to the detail and skill applied. The intricate book of sheet music shows respect and high regard.
Here, Madonna is shown admiring a child playing with musical cherubs amongst a deep rich background. The pale complexion of the musicians illustrates the spiritual nature bestowed on them.
This painting shows four women enjoying playing music together. The concentration & poise of this group speaks to their talents. The stark colors help to accentuate the detail & depth in the painting.
Here, a pupil receives instruction on a mandolin from her teacher. The subtle hues and overall detail capturing an otherwise plain room help to lead the focus to the sheet music and musician.
A woman sits alone, playing her lute. The detail in the sheet music and instrument draws clear attention. However, the solemn beauty and reserved look on this mystery woman demands focus & respect.
Here, Lady Madonna is shown with several musical angels and cherubs. The religious ideals shine through in the vibrant colors and scale in this painting. The scale of Madonna demands attention.
This detailed page of script shows David playing a set of bells. The fact that this Saint is shown playing an instrument shows the high regard and respect held for musicians.
This intricate statue of a harp player took great care and skill to create. This medium of art is a beautiful representation of the high praise the artist held for their inspiration.A very fine piece.
Viewed from below, a group of musicians play and revel together. The beauty and depth of this painting shows a lively and entertaining scene. The colors, the scope,and the realism are all outstanding.
Credits: All media
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