A Mixture of Art Through History

Composition - Art History

With minimum shading, we can appreciate the way the girl shows as a very natural gaze. This drawing makes you feel the innocence and humbleness of a child.
This one catch my eye because of the beautiful sunset.
I appreciate the detail in this artwork and how this painting shows a typical working day.
The darkness of the sky makes this painting dramatic.
The mix of the colors in this painting makes it feel warm.
To me, the way there is an off-center free space of people, showing the great detail on the carpet as well as the lighting in the painting looks very realistic.
The sun is making it feel warm and is intensifying the great detail on the water.
The great detail in her dress, and the way she is holding a flower and the light rose tone of her skin makes this a very delicate portrait of Marie Antoinette.
My eyes are drawn to the waves on the water, with a very stormy sky.
I love the smoky look the white gives to this painting.
The yellow sunset makes it look very welcoming and warm.
The halos in the characters make this look very medieval.
The gray in the sky make it seem gloomy.
I like the mix of colors in this painting. Also how they show a smoky volcano in the background.
This painting looks very yellow, it makes me feel the suffering and devotion of the soldier.
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