Symmetry in 3D Art

The gallery contains examples of symmetrical elements in pieces of 3D art, such as sculptures and household items. Some items have been worn from perfect symmetry over time.

The symmetry in this piece comes from the perspective of the box.
The main point of symmetry splits right between the hands palms.
The metal for this work must have been belt perfectly in the middle to form the symmetry.
This symmetry comes from one corner, that is then mirror and re-mirrored.
This piece is 360 degrees of symmetry, before the chip. 
A blank face with out stretched arms and symmetrically sound.
The top and bottom designs are symmetrical, while the design in the middle wraps continuously around.
A simple swoop/check mark is blown up into a symmetrical 3D torch.
This is a simple head maintaining a simple plan of symmetry.
Simple pyramidal shapes almost fully encircle this neckpiece.
Although crude in design, it maintains the design symmetrically across the feline shape,
The detailed necklace and headdress rest symmetrically across this sculpture.
The chairs shape remains symmetric while the emblems on it are asymmetric.
A metal sphere, with each hemisphere having symmetrical patterns.
Two gold designed ornaments symmetrical to each other.
Credits: All media
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