Karolina Peza Value Art Gallery

In this piece by 12 Brillos Crew, it represents the value scale because if you look at the the top corners and as the the dark colors go down from the start to get lighter leading to the lightest, which is the glove. So the piece gives a scale of the value colors from dark to light.
This piece shows high contrast because it has shown the stressed object using value to have it's main focus on it.Looking at Graciela Iturbide's piece you can that the artist put it's main focus on the woman in the doorway by making her stand out by the surround dark values.
This piece shows an example of volumetric value because it represents the two-dimensional shape with a three-dimensional value.In this piece by Lee In-sung you can see that in the apple the value of how the color changes from light to dark value,making in a two-dimensional shape.
In this piece there is an example of Chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro represents light-dark values. So in this piece, the armor on the man shoulder on the left starts to disappear because of the dark background making it look like he is disappearing in the back and creating space. Also you can see that the light that is on the man is creating different kinds of values.
This piece is an example of value distribution balanced because half is light and half is dark. By looking at the trees you can see it get dark but looking at the water, ground, and as the water travels down deep into the river you can see the light shadings making it balance the values.
In this piece you can identify value distribution that is unbalanced because of the unbalanced values. In Adolph Tidemand's piece, you can see that there is more light than dark value. So it's unbalanced since there is uneven amount of value,making the piece dull.
In this piece you can see cast shadows. Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn,creates a cast shadow on the people around the person who is holding up his hand . By looking at the the person right next to him you can she the cast shadow on the person clothes, showing a shadow of his hand.
Attached shadow means the outline of an object. In this piece by Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn you can see the outline of the man that is touching the man that is kneeling in front of him. His shadow creates the attached shadow in the back of him on the ground.
Low contrast when an image has smaller amount of value from the value scale making the image look dull and faded away, just like in this piece by Aaron Shikler. He makes the piece look dull because there isn't much of value more the scale to make the piece stand out. Also the piece looks faded because of the shading that he creates on the sides around Mrs.Kennedy.
In this piece there is a example of atmospheric perspective. Peter Abraham, he created a piece that show atmospheric perspective by creating a illusion of space because of the blurry clouds, that are dark but get lighter as it goes near the sun, that are making it not really clear to see the building, water,and sun at the beginning of the piece.
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