Harry Jann

Color Schemes

This painting shows an analogous color scheme with yellow, green, and blue colors. The art has a mood of intrigue to it.
This still life has a cool color scheme with its blue, green, and violet effects. It has a great feeling of relaxation to it.
This piece has a very warm color scheme to it, with the present colors of red, yellow, and orange. This drawing seems to have a feeling of concern from its environment.
This self-portrait has a complementary color scheme for its use of several blues and oranges. It also gives off a feel of calmness.
This still life uses a triadic color scheme, as it uses only colors of red, blue, and yellow. This artwork shows a very peaceful feeling.
This painting obviously uses a monochromatic color scheme, as it only uses various shades of the color yellow. Because of this, it gives of a very cheerful feeling.
Credits: All media
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