Art project

This shows good use of value from the light coming in from the left side highlighting and then shadowing. The picture is monochromatic which allows for the viewer to really see that there is value.
This piece with represents form through is simplicity and its transparency. It is 3-D and appears as if it is in the process of taking a step or leaning on one root.
I personally love this painting because it has the painter painting. The woman and man are in good placement.
The distortion of the rooster using a mixture of shapes not always connecting like the tail and a good use of positive and negative.
Color is well represented across the color wheel. Almost every color is in this painting.
By using paint as the medium for this artwork texture is a main point. The uneven brushstrokes and layering allow your eye to move around and notice the 3-D effect.
From using pencil and having people be the main focus line was able to stand out within the fold of the dress and hard definitions of characters. Implied lines between shapes and within the space.
Credits: All media
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