The moods and expressions of Color

By Michael Papatsounis

The texture of rock was formed with the different values of color throughout this piece.
The use of color can also be incorporated with fashion and attracting the human eye as this blanket does.
In this nonobjective painting the artist used the warm colors contrasting with cool colors to grab the viewers attention.
For this watercolor piece the artist primarily used white, yellow and brown which can symbolize hope and and natural light.
The use of the color blue depicts a calming affect with the intentions of lowering your heart rate. This piece depicts the peacefulness after the storm.
This piece instantly stands out from the rest due to the large use of bright red with a hint of yellow and the contrast of blue.
This painting also portrays natural light very well through the use of yellow and greens along with the overall high contrast.
This abstract piece of art almost has a monochromatic feel to it that eases the naked eye.
A lot of the colors used in this painting are cool which makes this piece carry a dark mood. Also the man in the painting seems to be in some sort of distress.
This painting is apparently famous for its flower clouds that bring an overall spiritual feel to the viewer. The two people in the boat are rumored to be saints.
The artist was trying to display how colors relate to each other and also how they make the piece appear to be increasing and decreasing.
The artist created hatching color patches with an overall dark blue to create a dark mood.
In this example the artist used colors to create form and indicate a type of pattern.
The artist created these individual pieces with color to depict expression without necessarily showing it.
The color scheme in this painting used by the artist creates a happy tone as well as a peaceful mood.
Credits: All media
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