MFJS2200:  Art I Have Seen In Person

This is a collection of art that I love and that I have actually seen in person (with the exception of the last two entries).

I love the colors in Cezanne's work! I am also enthralled with the distinction between the stark, realistic buildings and the softer, less distinct foliage.
van Gogh has always been one of my favorite artists. I owned this poster for many years before seeing the original, at which time I was forever convinced that seeing art in person was mandatory.
I first saw this at the NYC MoMA. I saw it a second time in a van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.
I have always wondered if this was van Gogh's childhood bedroom, or if it was where he was living when he painted this picture.
The colors in this painting make it my favorite van Gogh. I first saw this at an exhibit in Las Vegas.
I always thought that if I had a butler, it would have to be this man!
I have always admired Degas' ballerinas, whether they be paintings, sketches, or sculptures.
I have always felt a kinship with Korean art. There is something so peaceful, yet so disturbing about this painting. It reminds me of my life -- always trying to balance everything.
This is the first original Monet I ever saw. I was completely astounded by the size of his waterlilies in the Louvre.
This is the only Homer painting I can recall seeing in person. It always reminds me of how beautiful and important long-term friendships are to our lives.
I love textiles -- especially those from Asian cultures. I selected this one because of the intricate hand embroidery.
I had the privilege of seeing the Unicorn tapestries during my first visit to NYC back in the early 1970s. I still visit them every time I am in the city.
I have a passion for ancient Greek history, literature, culture, and art. This is but one of the many pieces of pottery I have viewed in various museums.
This is an incredible piece of installation art that was gifted to the US for our help with the Aswan Dam. My in-laws are from Egypt so I felt a special place in my heart for this exhibit.
I have never seen this exhibit, but it reminded me of the much more colorful installation in the underground tunnel between the DAM and the Denver Public Library.
I have not seen this exhibit, but it reminds me of how enthralled I was with the graffiti I saw on my first trip to NYC. I remember arguing with my instructor as to whether or not it was art.