Dreams of Nature - Lenny Martinez

The inspiration for this gallery came from the organic and geometric landscapes that are formed in your dreams. I was seeking out to find pieces that can demonstrate how we mix the world in our dreams to create a visual utopia.  I am intrigued on how the brain remembers certain aspects of life and can recall them for our entertainment. 

This treehouse of dreams spotlights a setting that has been pulled out of a dream. It’s color palette and organic shapes form a landscape I wish was real.
The title of this piece explains it all. Your eye will be attracted to the skull however, every corner you look into will seem like a different dream.
The breathtaking part of this to me was the mixture of the organic shapes of both water and land to create these menacing waves that tower over the man who seems to be walking in the water.
This piece shows me the power of proportion. Though I have no clue how large these flowers are the mountainous background and intense detail make the flowers seem huge.
I chose this piece because of it's subtle dream resemblance. The flower speaker is the only thing out of the ordinary, along with the saturated colors.
This one I love because of how amazing the hat looks, yet you can tell something is off about this. The saturated colors on the hat and disproportioned grass give it away.
Here there is a clash between the animal life, with the modern life. Creating a wacky scene that messes with proportion and the mix of shapes.
This artist really caught my eye because of this piece. Not only is there distortion of proportion, but there is a somewhat charming and peaceful scene.
I really enjoyed this piece because it reminds me of how certain things you remember may look entirely different than what they actually were.
I have always been kind of freaked out by slugs and I have been visited by them in my nightmares many of times. This sculpture seems to have built a new thing of my nightmares.
Credits: All media
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