The overall experience in assembling this gallery is rather captivating, especially since the artists that contributed here were able to capture the essence of the actual natural beauty. These majestic artworks also allowed for a differing reality, than what we, the urban population, are more than used to. Honestly, if you haven't left the city and hiked around in the wilderness, you won't be able to appreciate these artworks. But, if time allows and you are able to look at these artworks, they will captivate you in a sensational nature and a beautiful America.

This makes me feel the sense of purity because according to Thomas Doughty, the land he depicted is land devoid of the humans' touch. In short, this artwork is wild land before it became our America.
This artwork surprised, and interested, me because I had to look twice just to see the chained and bound Prometheus, as well as to reignite my appreciation of Greek mythology.
In my opinion, Ariadne's provocative beauty is a sign of impending doom because of the Greek myth with Minos, her father, and the minotaur that crushes its victims mercilessly.
The Cloud Study has really caught my eye because it makes me feel a strong sense of longing at reaching the sky.
Pompeii, after its mass destruction, is still beautifully preserved under a blanket of hardened ash and molten lava. This artwork exuberates a feeling of death, but in a more silent, subtle way.
As a great depiction of light and dark contrast, this artwork reminds me of life where there are two sides to even the best of things.
This artwork reminds me of a long-past vigor of waking up to the rising sun, feeling just as bright and energetic as the perceived feeling of the heat emanating from it.
I learned that Jasper Francis Cropsey actually intended for this artwork to celebrate both nature and the industry, by including a railroad viaduct within nature itself.
The feeling I got from this artwork was uniqueness, as it stood out from the rest because instead of being like the other still lives made of fruit, this was made from various, exotic flowers.
The artwork itself is captivating to me because the violin seems to be coming to life in the hands of the anonymous fiddler.
To me, this artwork symbolizes that people run away from things they don't understand, even though this is a renown Irish myth.
Even though I didn't grow up on a farm, I feel a sense of nostalgia from the snow and miniature homes that I often associate with Christmas.
These ships in the harbor make me feel as if I'm anchored to the shore, waiting to set out for the adventure of lifetime.
This a great example of luminism because it looks as real as reality, but knowing that it isn't, moves you to the point of deception and disillusionment.
I viewed all the different portraits, but in my opinion, this is the only portrait that truly exuberated the beauty of the model used, as she is also well suited to her surroundings of elegance.
The Native Americans give me the impression of great honor and a strong sense of leadership, that they strongly admired to lead the tribes.
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