Memories of a Lifetime

The sea. What do you think of when you hear this word? Do you think of the ships that sail the shore? The creatures that venture in the sea? Or maybe the beach where the seagulls always threaten to bother you. Well, when I hear of this word, I think of the word "memories". You see, the sea has been around for thousands of millions of years, it has been there, witnessing how we each go about our lives. This gallery shows of how the sea is linked with the theme of memories that we all hold dearly. Each artwork is linked with one another and to the theme of the sea as well. The cruising ships that were once and forever shall be magnificent, the sea that never sleeps, the water that keeps on encircling over and over again, the special spot where your loved ones once were, how time can change everything from the most calmest sea to the most dangerous one, the innocent waves that would stand still, the Church that stood by the sea like a friend, the memories of your hometown by the sea, the blue door that led yo to a new start, the tree of life that was filled to the brim with the waters of time, the once magnificent view of the sea and land, and the ferocity the ocean held deep within being unleashed. All these artworks are connected by a string of time and memories. They all use very intriguing techniques to bring out character, a realistic and life-like look that will engage the audience, bringing them inside the painting, feeling the same emotions like the artists did whilst creating their artworks.

POST-MODERN FRAME This video installation shows of the variety of different sea environments. It is installed in black room, having circular window-like frames showing each tide in the inside of these frames. They are placed in no particular order and is very eye-catching seeing as it has bright colours on a black surface.
SUBJECTIVE FRAME This artwork is showing us of the artist's mother's hometown. It sort of gives you of an impression that the artist remembers the memory so clearly seeing as it uses bright and bold colours. It is a long-lasting memory for the artist as he/she will never forget their childhood.
CULTURAL FRAME This painting shows the Sydney Cove. As you can tell, it has a kind of Australian colour theme seeing as most cultural paintings of Australia tend to use a lot of brown. It shows Australia as a very indigenous country with no housings.
STRUCTURAL FRAME This painting shows the sea at Pourville. It uses dark tones and rough lines showing how dangerous the sea can be and has a very thick textureand the colours I see inclued shades of blue, green, grey, brown, and white. The sea looks like it is very rough, that there are many layers to it, same goes for the grass. It has the sea as the main and has people and grass/trees in the foreground, and looks very realistic.
Credits: All media
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