A little Dirt Never hurt

This exhibition brings together many artworks created by world renowned artists. The theme of the exhibition, displays multiple types of nature and landscapes.  It includes varying media paintings, dried flower arrangement and photos. These will keep the audience captivated by the related theme but they also tell their own story. The artwork showcases a myriad of different types of landscapes, the depth of colours used help to create the different seasons and climates. The seasons are displayed very well in this exhibition, winter is shown in ‘Snowy Landscape in Crozant’ by Armand Guillemin, Spring is represented in the artwork ‘Orchard in Spring’ by Alfred Sisley, ‘An Artist Studying from Nature’ by Claude Lorrain is an example of Autumn, an example of Summer is ‘The Green Boathouse’ by William Glackens. The art has been arranged so that the colours flow and the audience is taken on a journey through the palette. This exhibition is a collection of soothing and almost peaceful artworks. The art presented has been created by many different artists over many years but they still relate really well with each other. The artists that are represented in this exhibition include Derwent Lees, Claude Lorrain, James D. Innes, Alfred Sisley, Vincent Van Gogh, Charles Conder, Claude Monet and Boris Kustodiev. These artists have also given us a glimpse of nature from many different countries, which give us the opportunity to enjoy different terrains and the scenery of their homeland. Please take a moment to be at one and enjoy all the aspects of nature.

This work evidences the Post-Modern Frame
This work evidences the cultural frame
This work evidences the structural frame
This work evidences the subjective frame