Landscapes of paintings that caught my eye.

I really like the rolling thunder clouds and lightning. There is also a tear in the ear and a lot of people laying about the ground.
There is a lake in what appears to be a crater or caldera. There appears to be more water maybe a river below the crater.
This has the tower of babel rising above the landscape dwarfing everything around it. Below on the left it looks like modern people viewing it from afar.
A bright sun rises in the distance. There are great big trees towering over children playing near a ledge.
In the back ground there are trees around a river. In the fore ground we have a waterfall and a fallen tree to the right.
Dark clouds loom in the background. In the center of the picture there is a small house surrounded by farmland.
Mountains tower over the road and landscape in this painting. A rainbow bridges the gap of the mountain peaks.
Dark clouds move over the homes around this small river. A stone bridge connects either side while a boat moves in the foreground.
A giant gnarled tree commands the foreground by a small pond. Mountains loom in the distance.
A dark night is the setting for this one with the moon being covered by the clouds. A city by a river in the back ground with a woman sitting by the river.
What i originally thought was clouds is an avalanche. Mountains in the distance and people run away from the coming tide of snow.
Mountains on the side in the background next to a river. Cows and riders on horses graze and drink water by the river.
A n army rides on the fore ground before a great city. The city stretches across the whole painting showing its grand scale and beauty.
A river with boats with a moon shining above. Travelers ride on a rode into town nearby.
Waves roll in watched by someone on the shore. Behind them towers a large rock jutting into the cloudy sky.
Credits: All media
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