1. They have nice clothes. 2. They have lots of stuff. 3. They have nice hats.
1. They have fancy art. (Paintings and Statues) 2. They have nice clothes. 3. They have a dog.
1.They are eating well. 2. They are dressed nice. 3. They have a dog, which meant they were rich in the old days.
1.She is wearing a nice dress. 2.She possesses lots of nice items. 3.She has a dog.
1.They are surrounding by fancy art. 2. They are dressed well. 3. They are having a fancy get-together.
1. He has a hat 2. He has a flute. 3. He is dressed well.
1. He is dressed nicely. 2. He has nice shoes. 2. His sword is fancy.
1. She looks comfortable and content. 2. The couch is fancy. 3. She is covered in nice linens.
1. She has a nice hat. 2. She has a nice dress. 3. She looks content.
1. There is a nice painting. 2. He is dressed nice. 3. He has nice hair.
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