Looking at the surface - Cory davidson

This is a look at landscape paintings.  Looking at the features, the colors and the styles of various artists.  Not only do the landscapes differ, they each have a story to tell, through lines, and the color palette.  Mother nature has created these features for us to enjoy and preserve.  The artists captured these images in their rawest forms.

This painting is a beach front in Long Island. With clouds in the sky, there is still an enormous amount of light, giving the notion that it was a bright sunny summer day. A family is sitting in the grass, enjoying a picnic at the bay. The wrapping beach front lets you know this was probably a bay. The blues from the water to the sky have a nice contrast, so they do not look the same. This painting shows a nice body of water, seemingly flat land, contrasted with a cloudy but yet still bright sky.
The Yosemite National Park is full of breath taking visuals. This painting captures a sunrise in the valley, with a river sitting right in front of a steep mountain side. The sun is illuminating the mountains texture, letting you know how stunning mother nature really is when creating these features for us to preserve and enjoy.
The Hunters Return, shows a family reacting to their fathers return from a hunt. Their settlement, sitting at the base of a mountain range, is filled with stunning features. Mountains in the background, tall dense trees, and of course the stream passing through. The sun is setting in the background giving a soft blanket of light to the mountains. The leaves are all the bright variants associated with Fall.
Pond Lilies is a simple setting, but still so well spaced. The pond is in the forefront, with floating lily pads, and enough of a break that you can see the reflection of the thick tree at its edge. Very little sky is showing, but enough to give more detail in the background, and its distant trees.
Cloudy day makes you focus right on the front row of a lush bluebonnet field. The landscape looks flat with a slight hill in the upper right, but completely full of beautiful blue flowers. A few trees standing to the upper left help give depth, and all of this is contrasted by the sky, with patchy clouds.
Cliffs of Green River chapter steep stunning cliffs, along a river. Native Americans riding horses are crossing the river. The rolling clouds hover directly over the top left of the painting, almost seem to be sitting right on top of the cliffs, and even cast a deep shadow. The sun seems to be breaking through onto the cliffs to the right, highlighting the rough jagged texture of the cliffs.
The View from Eagle Rock, shows a couple standing atop a hill, staring off over the landscape. A sea of orange, yellow, and amber trees, lets you know its deep into Fall. The sky gives a good mellow haze, to contrast the bright colors in the forefront of this painting. The sun is setting or rising, because the shadows from the couple are strong behind them.
Pikes Peak, isn't as detailed as other landscape paintings, however, it still depicts the awesome power of mother natures feature creating capabilities. Crowded mountains separated by shadowed valleys, and highlighted slopes, and a varied sky, give this painting the raw untamed feeling. The upper left looks sunny, and the upper right cloudy, hovering over some snow covered peaks.
Autumn seems to always catch my eye. This painting captures a beautiful autumn filled forest leading up to a stunning snow capped Mount Washington. A body of water splits the two through the middle. The edges of the river are incased by natural stone walls. The sky is calm looking with a slight amber glow gradient from the right, probably from either a setting or rising sun.
The Narrows from Staten Island, show a busy bay area. Ships bustling in the water. The land has patchy areas of dense trees. A village sits next to the body of water, where most likely the ships are traveling to or from. A thick line of fluffy clouds sits right over the horizon but do not cover the entire sky. A bright unmistakable rainbow is shown in the upper left corner. The landscape is full of lush green colors, probably right after a rain in the spring.
Credits: All media
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