Textures in Religion

I've decided to choose Textures in religions as a lot of art during the renaissance and beyond had a particular texture that has been commonly associated with the types of paintings during that time. These are some of the more unique paintings to come out of those period that portray the baptism of Christ. 

The Baptism of Christ circa 1655 and painted by Bartolome Estban Murillo Gemaldegaleria is a depiction of Christ being baptized - the texture of the color reflecting the time during the renaissance.
The Baptism of Christ by Paolo Veronese is another such depiction of Christ being baptized. If you look closely to the texture and color - you can see the repetition that adds depth and adds character
The Baptism of Christ depicted by Paolo Caliari Veronese - shows a similar depiction with a lot less bright coloring and more focus on the realistic style which add emphasis to the texture used.
Another depiction of The Baptism of Christ Circa 1742 - shows yet, again, a similar presentation only adding more characters and painted on a canvas that defines it's texture and look. It also shows more detailing in the clouds above as god watches down on him as the baptism ensues adding more realism to the piece.
Another such depiction of The Baptism of Chris painted by Benvenuto Tisi between 1520 - 1525, it's dulling color scheme and texture shows more darkness into the picture - as a reoccurring theme with most of the paintings - it seems to portray a darker theme to the baptism which the texture seems to emphasize
Baptism of Christ circa 1621 by Luciano Borzone was painted depicting the Baptism of Christ yet again, by using more dark colors and realistic texture work to emphasis the style and lighting. It looks to show Christ being blessed as the angels above and below look on. It's stylized look adds a different feel than the rest of the paintings in this gallery.
Baptism of Chris circa 1590 by Pieter Isaacsz depicts another version of the baptism as Christ disciples surround him. The texture and look gives emphasis to the depth of the painting and the overall crowded realistic look of the painting. The dark color and shading adds a variety that makes the texture stand out.
Another such Baptism of Christ Painting circa 1622 - 1623 by Guido Reni shows a smaller version of the event which does not shows the angels as before. It's dark colors bringing out the texture and dark colors while emphasizing the skin color adds to it's depth and size and give a solemn tone to the entire painting as a whole.
The Baptism of Christ Circa 1690 by Antoine Coypel shows a more heavenly version of the event by giving greater detail. The texture showing depth with the colors and characters engulfed in light demonstrates the metaphysical aspects of the event as Christ is being baptized under as god and his angels watch on.
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