Untitled Gallery

The title is French for "The Red Gallery of Death" and it was created for my Art History class. All of these pieces prominently feature the color red and themes of mortality.

To me, I see this piece and I see a new beginning. While the era of tangible information (e.g. newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc.) slowly dies out the era of the Internet comes to power. The red in this piece represents that new beginning but also the power the Internet has over the older media forms (the black forms).
This piece depicts a camel living its last moments in the unforgiving heat it has travelled through, which means death for the poor soul that rode it. The background is entirely red, which represents the heat and death. The rusty hues are similar to the color of dried blood.
In this painting, red is a very prominent color. It is in the background and on the main figures, thus drawing our eyes to them. It shows the importance of the passing of the Earl in this painting.
Amidst the crowd is the dead Nelson, and all of his enemies are British, which are set apart by their brilliant blood-red coats. Here, seeing red literally means seeing death.
While the tone of red here is much more desaturated, it is here. Red represents the spilt blood of the Civil War and the browner tone signifies loss and the fact that such a thing is permanent, as if to say the gore of the field has lost its color over time and has browned. 
Cato here is clothed in red and red is also in the background, possibly meaning that he chose this color to represent the blood spilled by his own hand.
Red in this picture signifies evil and sin, signified by the red devils here. They await the death of the just man, so that they may plague him with their evils. 
While red is not that prevalent in this picture, it does appear to have a red filter on it, indicating that it is sunset (the death of the day) which flows very well with the dark events that take place in the background.
The color red here is the centerpiece and it instantly draws your eyes to the dead woman in the center, highlighting her as the main figure. 
It's rather difficult to make out what this is, but I believe it is evil. The red smoky trails it leaves highlight this. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but I get as sense of dread when I look upon this painting. 
Red is once again the center of this, and this piece shows gore and violence, and that is signified with the spilling of blood.
Here, red does not necessarily mean death so much as pain and misery, as explained by the long title of this piece.  
Red in this piece is washed out, but the pale red scene means that death is approaching but not certain. The lurking skeletons make that point clear.
The red figure here is important and by wearing red, they are connected to the dead figure in the painting, who is bleeding.
This painting is very gory, and that red gore even extends to the frame. Red means death here, but also violence and possible rage.
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